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He's always losing his mobile. Farmers made a lucky strike on estates. Good artists copy, great artists steal. She likes talking best of all. You can wait here.

She wants to meet him again. He gave her a brief hug. Only the first message is shown. You like elephants. Do you mind if I ask you a personal question? Oh, by the way, I have something to tell you. They boil water to drink it. Please visit there today. In contrast with you, I am able to recognize my mistakes. It means trying hard, even if we make mistakes.

She loves to go shopping. Why aren't Marcia and Skef here? My sister likes to dance. Many students like sports. Kusum is usually home on Mondays. Liza cheated me. He is a robust young man. Miki sensed something. He banged his fist on the table. We don't know the answer yet.

Why did you decide to buy this house? I still have bruises where the mule kicked me. Did anyone tell you? The teacher blamed her for the mistake. I will be very glad to be able to serve you.

If you're tired, rest.

You can't deny the fact that she had a hand in it. She's afraid of abandonment. She seemed uninterested.

About how many English words do you know? We can hear the church bell every morning. The children are not playing in the living room, but rather in the yard. He always wants to have his own way. You can come. I apologize for what I said. These shoes hurt me a little.

Why are you home? I want to work in a hospital. Piotr is having trouble breathing. It's a very tough job. It has nothing to do with luck. Serious girls don't exist anymore. Lanny doesn't know the half of it.

Everyone feels a little grossed out at the thought of their parents having sex. We had the afternoon off. Are you sure you don't want me to buy you something at the supermarket? I blunted one. Jingbai bought a brand-new car. I'm visiting my grandmother in the hospital. This is absolutely true. In a town with only one barber, who shaves the barber? Jingbai does that to hide his insecurity.

How often do you hang out with Dwight? I'll pick you up after school.

He gave instructions to the trainees, but they couldn't make heads or tails of them. The damage is done. We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it's forever.

Cliff might not realize what time the meeting is supposed to begin. Adam is paying attention to his budget.

We've been trying to avoid that problem. Could you lower your voice please? I'm really hung over. He always insists on having everything his own way. Stop borrowing my clothes without asking.